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Does your work come with a warranty?

Yes all of our work is fully guaranteed for 4 years and factory leather leather guaranteed.

What will having leather in my car add to it?

Greater level of comfort, better resale value, no stains EVER, just wipe off all spills. Luxurious look and feel, safety and non-allergenic capacity.

How long does it take to get a car done?

Generally turnaround time is 3 days

How long have you been putting leather into cars?

We have been putting leather into Dealer Cars, Private Cars, Motor Homes, Caravans and 4 wheel drives for over 50 years now. Proudly Australian owned and undisputedly the best in Australia!

Do you cater for individual requirements?

Absolutely, customers love to add their individual styles, such as contrast stitching, gathering, perforations, logo’s different color styling, two tone hues plus we have over 1500 patterns.

You mentioned that you do Caravan and Motor Homes?

Yes, we do exclusive work for Jayco Australia and like you, people love to have their motor homes or caravans fitted out in leather.

Will leather fade over time?

No, all of our leather has full UV protection, the Australian sun is the harshest on earth and our leather is fully protected to meet those rigorous conditions.

Where do you source your leather from?

Our leather is Palleteria Leather from Brazil which is the finest leather on the planet and has been used by some of the most fastidious car manufacturers across the world.

I have heard of imported kits- what is the difference?

Imported kits are available, however, be very careful when considering this path. Check to see if they meet Australian standards in regards to Airbag safety and have full documentation and certificates of compliance, in place. Also ask about insurance regarding their manufacturing and fitting process.

Why Blackmans Leather?

Blackmans Leather interiors were established in 1950 and have since earned an enviable reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and quality within the automotive industry. Today our clients include some of Australia’s most prestigious car retailers, the majority of new car dealers and of course private customers, all of whom seek experience, dedication and dependability that is Blackmans Leather.

What cars have you done in the past?

You name it, we’ve done it! From Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen and all the models in between, there isn’t a major model of car that we haven’t done.

Do you have a leather conditioner?

Of course, it’s really important to maintain your leather and use a conditioner. Blackmans Leather Conditioner keeps the leather subtle whilst retaining the softness, warmth and aroma.

I live interstate, how can I get my car done?

Good question, we have motor trimmers who work for us across the country. We supply the Leather in a kit form to them and they will do the job for you in the same turnaround time and of course with our full guarantee.

What about airbags?

Really important & relevant: We have trimmed over 30’000 vehicles across the country. Extensive airbag testing has been conducted at Autoliv Australia, and we have full documentation and certificates of compliance in place to meet Australian Airbag Safety Standards. Our insurer has approved our manufacturing and fitting process for all our interiors in regard to airbag safety.